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yogandha - 'Detox' Body & Bath Vegan Essential Oil wellbeing blend

yogandha - 'Detox' Body & Bath Vegan Essential Oil wellbeing blend

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"Smells heavenly, feels amazing on the skin, an essential part to my skincare routine"

Karly A.

Apply detox body oil directly on all skin types as daily detox body oil, shower oil, all-purpose moisturiser

🌿 zesty, astringent, cleansing, use in shower to protect the body's oils being stripped

🌿 self-massage or squirt on body brush

🌿 if you’ve over-indulged – apply all over to support detoxing organs

🌿 hand-made 100% natural, vegan cruelty and 5% profit goes to charity

Juniper berry is purifying and a strong antioxidant. Lemongrass and sweet fennel are well known to support lymphatic drainage so help to reduce cellulite. "As a mindfulness coach and alchemist, 3 years meditative formulation created this essential oil blend for your wellness use daily, breathe deeply" 🙏🏽 Sinead

💡External use only. not for pregnancy.

best within 6 months opening 10mls/.34oz

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