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Tease - 3-In-1 Cold Brew Tea & Coffee Pitcher

Tease - 3-In-1 Cold Brew Tea & Coffee Pitcher

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Introducing your new favourite 3-in-1 Essential.

Made not only for hot summer nights and afternoons spent on the beach, this best selling Spring + Summer accessory is ideal for brewing all of your favourite wellness blends, all year round!

Use our 3-in-1 Cold Brew pitcher for your favourite tea, coffee and fruit infusions. Use it to make sangria, cider, mocktails and more.

Bonus: The slow extraction process gently pulls maximum nutrients, antioxidants and flavours.


✔️ Made with the highest quality, BPA free Tritan plastic.

✔️ Dishwasher safe.

✔️ 900ml

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