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Seventy-One - Urban Feel Good SPF 30

Seventy-One - Urban Feel Good SPF 30

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Face Fluid

Moisturises, protects and soothes

Anti pollution / blue light | 85% Natural | Hyaluronic Acid & Prebiotic

ALL in One DD Cream - Complete daily care
✨ Invisible, non-sticky texture
😁 Matte finish - ideal for priming

🌿 100% natural base
♻️ ECO PACK recyclable

URBAN FEEL GOOD SPF30 becomes LE FEEL FREE, the 85% natural, multi-protective, moisturizing face care par excellence, so your skin can stay cool in the urban jungle: pollution, UV rays and blue light are blocked by our complete, ultra-high-performance combo of active ingredients!

 NEW FORMULA: A new formula containing an active happiness ingredient to boost your production of oxytocin, the happiness hormone, with Kannabia Sense. Feel Free, Feel Good!

PURE HYDRATATION: Pheohydrane is a marine complex with 100% natural and biomimetic moisturising properties. The complex association of a micro-algae extract rich in NMF (natural moisturising factor) boosting amino acids, with marine sugars with second skin properties and a remineralising seawater concentrate is an ideal complex to instantly moisturise the skin and prevent water loss.

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