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Legendary Apothecary

Legendary Apothecary Rock N'Stones Volcanic Pumice

Legendary Apothecary Rock N'Stones Volcanic Pumice

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Volcanic pumice is a stone-age tool for the 21st century, ideal for filing down foot calluses and scrubbing the dry skin off the heels.

Our pumice rocks come directly from the energetically powerful Mt. Shasta. Pumice forms when escaping gases in airborne molten lava create solid foam, thus forming one handy elemental tool. Pumice washes down the mountain with snowmelt each summer and harvest happens only in summer and early fall. Stones are carefully collected on foot and by hand. Stones are rinsed and float-tested, dried, graded, and weighed into categories in juniper and sage lands. They are exactly as found in nature and come in different sizes, shapes, and textures.

Includes 2 Volcanic Pumice Rocks

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