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Knours Sweet Rescue Nourishing Mask - 5pk

Knours Sweet Rescue Nourishing Mask - 5pk

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No time for a facial? No worries.

Our silky microfiber sheet fits snugly onto the contours of your face to deeply nourish and rescue your skin for a luxurious self-care moment. Just sit back, relax, and let the sweet nutrients soothe, restore, and rescue you.

Key Ingredients: Rose water: from a Bulgarian rose factory with a 110yr history, twice steam-distilled from fresh rose petals; contains unique polyphenols reported to increase female hormones; helps control cortisol levels when stressed.

Niacinamide: brightening + smoothing effect

Adenosine: restoring + healing effect Panthenol: hydrating + relieving effect

Monk’s pepper berry: known for its high level of flavonoids and antioxidant properties that help regulate the menstruation cycle and rebalance your hormones, indirectly easing the symptoms of PMS and menstruation on your skin.

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