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Knours. - One Perfect Revival Eye Cream

Knours. - One Perfect Revival Eye Cream

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Revival Eye Cream is a smoothing, instant boost of radiance for your eyes. Featuring a contoured, ceramic tip that cools and helps depuff the eye’s surface, the cream moisturizes intensely to brighten the eye and minimize fine lines & wrinkles. The multi-benefits make for one truly perfect eye cream.

A smoothing, brightening, instant boost of radiance.

The skin around your eye, albeit small in surface area, is the thinnest, most delicate skin on your body and the first to display fine lines as a result of stress or time. Give it some well-deserved revival.


  • - smoothing fine lines & wrinkles
  • - brightening & depuffing eye area
  • - replenish moisture
  • - improve skin resilience

Our products meet the highest standards of clean using only EWG green-grade ingredients you can fully trust. Experience real skin wellness with steady use.

Rosehip Oil

Known as a “vitamin bomb” containing Vitamin C, retinol acid, and provitamins, this oil increases skin regeneration and replenishes moisture to the skin.


Short for “4 Growth Factors” (EGF, IGF, FGF, KGF), this smart combination of peptides helps boost collagen and elastin production, aids in protecting skin cells, and is the ideal humectant for parched skin.


A vegan peptide inspired by viper venom that prevents muscle contraction signals and provides a tightening and lifting effect instantly to sagging skin.

KnoursTM Komplex

Our unique, trademarked blend of sea buckthorn, Mexican giant hyssop, and passionflower extracts was specially formulated to help overcome the effects of sleep, stress, and stamina disruption on skin during the 3 M’s.

Knours. - One Perfect Revival Eye Cream


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