Apothekary - Blue Me Away - Caffeine-Free Energy + Anti-Inflammatory

Apothekary - Blue Me Away - Caffeine-Free Energy + Anti-Inflammatory

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Blue Me Away- 

Back by popular demand, the limited edition Blue Me Away is back! This blue beauty provides a caffeine-free energy boost, while helping reduce inflammation and stress. Arguably the prettiest blend in the Farmacy lineup, Blue Me Away provides clarity, inspires creativity, and creates space for a deep breath of fresh air as we step toward brighter, bluer skies.


Stacked high with stress reducing and cognitive boosting ingredients, Blue Me Away is carefully curated to naturally boost your immune system, provide clarity of thought and create additional headspace when you need it the most.


Blue Me Away is a beautiful blue matcha blend, containing two powerful stress reducing adaptogens, Chlorella and Ginseng, that combine to increase the bioavailability of compounds which help to reduce cortisol. The featured ingredient, Organic Blue Matcha has been traditionally used to reduce inflammation and aid in the body's natural detoxification process. 

Think of Blue Me Away as a calming, cooling, deep breath of fresh air, bringing in the good and out with the bad.

Blue Me Away has a creamy texture and subtle bitter matcha flavor. It tastes a lot like a green tea with creamy coconut vibes.

PAIRS WELL WITHAlmond, macadamia or coconut milk, fruit + veggie based smoothie

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Apothekary - Blue Me Away - Caffeine-Free Energy + Anti-Inflammatory


Blue Matcha Detoxifier, antioxiodant rich
Ginseng (Siberian) Regulates blood sugar, soothes inflammation, and provides stress & anxiety support.
Coconut Cream Powder Good source of fatty acids and packed with vitamins C, E, B1, as well as iron, calcium and magnesium.
Chlorella Detoxifier, an exceptional source of plant protein, and promotes a clean healthy gut.
Pea Protein Builds and supports joints and muscle growth, promotes a healthy gut.
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