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Apothekary - You Dew You - Beauty & Antioxidants

Apothekary - You Dew You - Beauty & Antioxidants

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Good to know

  • Complexion-Soothing
  • Skin-Restoring
  • Inflammatory Support

What it is

Considered one of our most beautifying formulas, You Dew You® features complexion-calming, skin-restoring herbs and functional mushrooms that help soothe troubled skin and inspire balance and radiance from the inside out. This herbal skin elixir can work in concert with your favorite skincare products to bring about a lasting and beautiful appearance–naturally.

Made for you if...

The soothing and inflammatory supportive herbs in You Dew You® are what make it a fan favorite amongst skin enthusiasts. The antioxidants found in hibiscus leaves and the restorative benefits of cordyceps and chaga mushroom help support skin elasticity and promote graceful aging. This potent herbal combination helps the body respond to environmental stressors more efficiently and makes way for a clearer complexion for all to see.

When to take:

The cordyceps mushrooms in You Dew You® are somewhat energizing (although caffeine-free), so those who are highly sensitive should consume this formula before 3:00pm.

Mix with:

Fruit and vegetable smoothies, sparkling water with lemon, or warm-water based beverages.

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