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Apothekary - Milky Way, a herbal blend for new mom’s lactation support

Apothekary - Milky Way, a herbal blend for new mom’s lactation support

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We understand that not everyone chooses to breastfeed, is able to breastfeed or needs help increasing their milk supply. So we formulated this blend to include nutrient dense herbs that nourish tired mamas, regardless of how they feed their child. This blend is a great snack for a busy mama because it is packed with nutrients and blood sugar stabilizing protein, and is tasty enough to use in just a base of warm milk or mylk.


While most lactation products on the market focus solely on increasing milk supply, this blend focuses on providing quick nutrition during a life stage when it is difficult to put your health first. This blend is a nutrient powerhouse, strengthens the immune system to help avoid common breastfeeding infections such as mastitis, and increases milk supply. Research shows that when mama eats a healthy diet, the nutritional content of her breast milk improves, so this blend helps to nourish baby as well!


The Nettle Leaf and Moringa Leaf in this blend are galactagogue herbs that have been used traditionally to increase breastmilk supply. Additionally, these plants provide deep nourishment, as they are a good source of protein, iron, magnesium, folate, potassium, chlorophyll, zinc and bioavailable calcium. Breastfeeding depletes mama of lots of nutrients, so the Astragalus in this blend strengthens the immune system to ensure that mama stays healthy while being the super hero that she is.


It tastes like a matcha latte without the caffeine.


A dash of local raw honey or coconut nectar can round out bitter notes in this blend and warm oat milk makes a great base (added bonus: oats are a galactogogue that stimulate milk supply). Add a ½ tsp. of Shatavari root to your brew, a hormone balancing galactogogue, and a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg for added flavor. This blend can be used in recipes for lactation cookies and lactation-promoting zucchini bread.


I Beg Your (Post)partum, Shatavari, Slay All Day or Chlorella

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