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The Functionist

The Functionist- Mushroom Immunity Blend

The Functionist- Mushroom Immunity Blend

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The Functionist Mushroom Immunity Blend – Immune Support Mushroom Powder Supplement - Powerful Gut, Liver & Immune Mushroom Complex – Vegan Mushroom Drink, 2.12 oz

About this item

MUSHROOM IMMUNITY BLEND: This powerful mushroom blend also contains prebiotic seaweed extract and postbiotic Baker’s yeast for powerful gut health and immunity support

ORGANIC MUSHROOM COMPLEX: organic Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Antrodia camphorata and Reishi mushroom powder acts as an immune modulator and supports the perfect microbiome for total wellness

NOURISH BODY & MIND: Our mushroom immune support supplement is packed full of antioxidants, beta-glucans, postbiotics, polyphenols and more, so this mushroom supplement powder can support you head to toe

EASY DAILY BOOST: Supplied as a convenient mushroom powder mix, just add a ½ teaspoon to your coffee, tea, smoothie or soup; the vegan mushroom drink powder won’t even change the taste!

GROWN IN THE USA + SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: We have a fully traceable supply chain: our USDA Organic mushrooms and our EpiCor are US-farmed and the seaweed is sustainably harvested from Australian waters


1. Add ½ teaspoon (approximately 1.6 grams) to your favorite beverage.
2. Stir to combine.
3. Drink & enjoy your happy gut!

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