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Sprayology SleepEase

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SleepEase [relieves restlessness]

Temporarily relieves the common symptoms of insomnia, including:
o Wakefulness
o Restlessness
o Emotional stress and anxiety o Caffeine sensitivity

Active Ingredients: Aquilegia 1X, Avena 2X, Chamomilla 2X, Coffea cruda 200C, Cypripedium 3X, Humulus 3X, Kali phos 12X, Passiflora 2X, Valeriana 2X, Zinc met 12X. Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin 10% v/v, Organic Alcohol 9% v/v, Purified Water. NDC # 61096-0001-1
The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.


o Wakefulness
Humulus (Hops) - promotes restful sleep; calms nervousness
Valeriana (Valerian) - relieves the frequency of nightmares as well as nighttime muscle cramps

o Restlessness
Avena (Oats) - eases exhaustion and nervousness associated with sleeplessness; helps maintain the nutritive balance of the central nervous system
Passiflora (Passion flower) - treatment to ease restlessness, especially in infants and as we age
Zinc met - eases muscle twitching and jerking

o Emotional stress and anxiety
Chamomilla (Chamomile) - eases anxiety and restlessness
Cypripedium (Lady’s slipper) - relaxes children prone to nervousness and irritability
Aquilegia - eases nervous trembling and feelings of mild hysteria
Kali phos (Potassium Bromide) - eases worry

o Caffeine sensitivity
Chamomilla (Chamomile) - moderates the effects of caffeine
Coffea Cruda (Unroasted coffee) - eases sleeplessness due to high levels of mental activity or excitement; decreases nervous agitation.

Aquilegia 4X, Avena 4X, Chamomillav4X, Coffea cruda 200C, Cypripedium 4X, Humulus 4X, Kali phos 12X, Passiflora 4X, Valeriana 4X, Zinc met 12X.

Inactive Ingredients:  Non-GMO glycerin, Organic Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified Water.