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Ripple + - Portable Diffuser - Power
Ripple +

Ripple + - Portable Diffuser - Power

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Our POWER blend delivers the functional plant extracts of ginseng root and the ginkgo biloba tree for a natural energy lift. It’s combined with cool peppermint aroma for a clean, crisp flavour that’s designed to revitalise and refresh.

peppermint aroma

Focuses energy, improves vitality


Fights tiredness, boosts energy

+ginkgo biloba

Supports brain function

Ingredients m: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Natural Ginseng extract, Natural Ginkgo Biloba extract, Natural flavorings.

Functions: Focuses and boosts energy, improves vitality and supports brain function. fights tiredness natural energy lift.

They key to personal aromatherapy diffusers is to inhale through the mouth and exhale out the nose, allowing ripple’s herbal blends to reach the olfactory system where they will have the greatest impact.