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Dermo Suavina - Original Lip Balm 10ml

Dermo Suavina - Original Lip Balm 10ml

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Thanks to its formulation made with 100% natural essential oils, the Dermo-Suavina lip balm by Laboratorios Calduch repairs and protects your lips intensely, prioritizing your skin care. 


We have been making the same lip care product for the past 130 years. Formulation based on 100% natural essential oils, free from preservatives, emulsifiers, and harmful substances.

CITRUS& MENTHOL AROMA Pleasant citrus and menthol aroma, to instantly provide a soft, fresh effect, instantly making your lips irresistible.

REPAIRS, MOISTURIZES & PROTECTS Repairs, moisturizes and protects lips and mucous membranes from damages caused by excessive dryness as a result of flu, cold or rhinitis symptoms, characterized by the continuous use of tissues.

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