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Apothekary - Rose Colored Glasses, our mood boosting exclusive blend

Apothekary - Rose Colored Glasses, our mood boosting exclusive blend

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Meet your Rose Colored Glasses. It's a powerful mood boosting and anxiety reducing exclusive blend curated to support your body and mind. Your seasonal blues don't stand a chance.

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: If joy had a flavor, this would be it. This blend has a very rose-forward flavor, thanks to the medical rose petals and hawthorn berry, which is in the rose family. Hibiscus provides mild citrus notes, which are balanced by the natural sweetness of maca root, lucuma, mucuna pruriens and beetroot.

WHAT'S IN IT: Mucuna Pruriens, Hawthorn Berry, Maca Root, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Beetroot, Lucuma.

WHAT IT DOES: This blend includes herbs that have been shown to lift the mood, calm anxiety, and give your libido a boost by supporting hormone regulation. Specifically, Rose Colored Glasses was formulated to address dips in mood related to hormone fluctuations. Many of the herbs in this blend are high in antioxidants, to help combat oxidative stress.

Full Ingredient List

Hawthorn Berry Used for centuries to calm the nerves, heal a broken heart (literally and figuratively), and for anxiety support.
Maca Root Helps to improve mood, energy and is an adaptogenic root with a mildly sweet and creamy flavor.
Hibiscus Vibrant flower packed with antioxidants, enhances skin elasticity and is anti-aging.
Rose A wonderful nervine, great for uplifting the mood and alleviating depression, rose also has antispasmodic, aphrodisiac and sedative qualities, as well as being anti-inflammatory. Rose helps regulate menstruation as well as stimulate the digestion. Rose is considered both a shen tonic in TCM and an exhilarant in Unani medicine.
Beetroot Beets are one of the few vegetables that contain betalains, a powerful antioxidant that gives beets their vibrant color. Betalains reduce inflammation and may help protect against cancer and other diseases.
Lucuma Lucuma is known for its sweet, maple-like flavor, impressively low sugar content, and essential trace minerals and beta-carotene, to support beauty, skin, and energy.

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