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Apothekary - Cordyceps, for kidney health, lethargy, and overall stress.

Apothekary - Cordyceps, for kidney health, lethargy, and overall stress.

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Shrooms anyone? Functional shrooms that is! This adaptogenic fungi isn’t psychedelic, but will rock your world with its stress reducing and immunity boosting powers. If you face lethargy and bouts of migraines, Cordyceps can help.


In the wild, Cordyceps are very rare, and are found at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Due to this rarity they were commonly reserved for royalty. The mushroom will help to get you in tip top shape due to its cognitive boosting functions, keeping that mind sharp, to overall muscular tone and athletic recovery. It will keep your mood in check too and can relieve lung function and symptoms of chronic bronchitis.


Cordyceps has a naturally earthy and savory flavor. It incorporates seamlessly into coffee. In a latte sans coffee, a touch of sweetener can balance the savory flavor.


Coffee, maple syrup and chai spices. Makes a delicious golden milk spiced latte when mixed into Hot Eric Spiced honey.


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Cordyceps Mushrooms

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