Our Story + Our Mission of Support at Brooklyn + Rye

Brooklyn + Rye was inspired by the vision of living a beautiful life. We believe in the value of authentic and kind connection - to ourself, our community, and the world around us. 

From the products we choose, to the way in which we interact with the world around us, kindness can be found in every corner. Our pillars of inclusion, sustainability, safety, and joy of use are used as our guideposts to be a retailer that is good for the world we live in and better for those who shop us.

We strive to be a place where all are welcome, because we want to help you live the good life, better.

Our journey at Brookyn + Rye began in 2020 in Hudson, Massachusetts and has recently brought us to beautiful Edina, Minnesota. As a native Minnesotan, Molly is thrilled to be back where her career began. We have partnered with the District on 50th Salon in the heart of the 50th & France Shopping + Entertainment District and look forward to building nurturing relationships with our new clients in the area.


                                     Logo and picture of a farm of Marbleseed Inc

Strengthening and deepening our roots in Minnesota, we have designated Marbleseed as our charity partner moving forward. We are excited to work with this organization to help support and mentor future farmers in the upper-midwest.  You too can support their important works by donating to their organization to help teach established and up and coming farmers in the organic farming space on their website: https://marbleseed.org/support/donate

The good works of organic farmers directly impact our ability to obtain and sustain use of beautiful skincare and wellness products. Your support of better farming methods not only benefit us, but generations to come.