Grounded, Worthy, Whole

Grounded, Worthy, Whole

Maybe it's intuition, a rally cry, or just some words strung together on a page, but I believe this message is timely and is meant for whoever it finds.  From my soul to yours.


This is for the women out there who know there is so much more than what meets the eye. I see you, and I honor you. 


You are a spiritual seeker; a believer in the rhythms of nature and the interconnectedness of it all.  A lover of minimalism not as a trend, rather, as a path to true peace.  You know that your worth is not found in your belongings, beauty, where you live or who is in your circle. You know and believe that your worthy, simply because, you exist.  You are bold, beautiful, grounded, giving, joyful, honest, open hearted, funny, energetic, and adventurous.  You see life as a sea of endless possibility and are open to seeing the gift in every situation you encounter.  You love fiercely, challenge the status quo, and are committed to personal growth and collective empowerment.  You believe in collaboration over competition.  Identity over influence.  You eat according to your true taste and desires; never burdened by diets or rules.  You rise above cultural influence, always trusting your intuition.  You are empathetic yet lovingly hold your personal boundaries, always choosing your peace over pleasing another.  You make a wonderful companion, but are equally happy on your own.  You love to smile, dance, laugh, and also appreciate a slower pace of life.  Slow mornings, long walks, and deep conversations fill your soul.  You prioritize joy and give effortlessly.  You are magnetic, creative, and abundant. 


In a culture that praises hustle, competition, independence, and burnout, you shine like a gem.  You stand out to women who need to know your peace, joy, ease, and calm.  You are a beacon of hope and will quite literally, change the world.




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