wildflowers along the California coast.  yellows, greens, and sandy cliffsides.

The abundance of nature is breathtaking.  The diversity of plants, trees, animals, insects, and those cute little mushrooms. We can learn so much from nature if we would take the time to truly listen with wonder and awe.  Every single detail; nothing discarded, nothing left to waste.  There is innate value in it all.  Nature teaches us reverence for community, diversity, and collaboration.  A true reflection of the beauty that comes from living out of abundance; arms and hearts open to give and to receive. When we collaborate instead of compete, we are honoring a deep and age old truth, that one, we were never meant do it all,  and two, we were certainly not meant to do it alone.  

If abundance is a natural state, why do we tend to live out of a place of scarcity and self protection?  Where did we go astray and how do we return to our true, abundant, authentic selves?  I don't have the answers, but I believe they lie somewhere deep within each one of us.  There is an unraveling to be done, a peeling back of the layers, a journey inward to heal the wounds and beliefs that no longer serve our highest good.  Can you imagine the beauty and abundance that would come forth if we each took one tiny step towards our own and collective healing?

It would be magical.


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