Your Complete Guide to Beautiful Skin After 30

Your Complete Guide to Beautiful Skin After 30

I am asked a lot what I do for my skin. I'm fortunate that I found my skin calling when I was a teenager because it truly has helped me maintain younger looking skin for quite a while. I don't follow a massively complicated routine but I am consistent in that routine. Our skin is like a toddler. Routine and consistency is key to having a happy relationship with it. To keep your skin looking bright, even, and dewy, these are my suggestions for happy skin well after you turn 30.


1. Oil Cleanser - The proliferation of oil cleansers on the market has made me so incredibly happy. My favorite oil cleanser is haruharu Wonder Black Rice Oil Cleanser This particular product has truly been a game changer not only for my skin, but for my clients as well. Not only do you get a genuinely clean first cleanse, but you're adding a layer of barrier protection when you apply oils, so any reaction you may get from your second cleanse is quelled. 

A double cleanse is part of my nightly routine as a way to effectively and efficiently remove my makeup. My favorite oil cleanser is light, emulsifies with water, and tackles the toughest stay-put makeups on the market. It's especially great with sunblock as well. Remember: sunblock has a water-resistance factor of up to 90 minutes in it. If you're using a daytime SPF, make sure to use an oil-cleanser at night with your evening routine to help break up that sun barrier and to allow your conventional cleanser to be able to sweep it away.


  • leaves skin moisturized without feeling oily
  • non-irritating even for eye makeup like waterproof mascara
  • 100% natural oils

2. Acids & Enzymes - These two skin rejuvenators are truly what keeps your skin in dewy shape. Think of this category of skincare product like your skin's personal trainer. It helps you remove the unwanted weight of dead skin cells and put on layers of plump collagen and elastin. 

An absolute MUST HAVE for everyone over 30 is a regenerating serum. Our tried + true is Three Ships Beauty Skin Hero Serum. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone, and reduce breakouts with Bakuchiol, nature's retinol alternative.

ALL SKIN TYPES - Enhances the penetration of other products and uncover healthier and younger skin

MATURE SKIN - Provides skin resurfacing and improvement in the signs of aging

HYPERPIGMENTED SKIN - Evens skin tone and enhances skin clarity and texture while visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots

DRY SKIN - Hydrates and softens skin texture leaving the skin velvety

OILY & ACNE PRONE SKIN - Unclogs and minimizes pores and clears blackheads

3. Nutriceuticals - If you've spoken to me at all about my skincare routine you know that I am a huge believer in the power of what we ingest comes through our skin. When we make deposits into our beauty bank, our hair, skin, and nails reward us with beautiful results. One of the best things I've used in years in Apothekary's two major beauty formulas: Firm Believer and Glow Getter

Together, these two formulas work on the major building blocks of our skin: collagen and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. When you combine these powerful tools together, your skin is refined, plump, glowing. I put Glow Getter into my coffee in the morning because the Maca in it helps keep my mood at 100 throughout the day and then at night, include my Firm Believer into a juice shot with my meal. This allows the cellular reparation processes that happen when we sleep to be helped along by a 3x superfood berry blend with Mother Nature's most potent sources of nutrients that is instantly bioavailable for the skin. It’s a powerful plant-based collagen blend, perfect for those looking to promote elasticity & glow from within.


Firm Believer: Sea Buckthorn is the richest source of Omega 7 which helps to promote healthier hair, skin, and nails, while Camu Camu is known as “nature’s vitamin” because of it's high Vitamin C content (can you imagine eating 10 oranges?), and Schisandra Berry, the only adaptogen that is a berry, to help fight stress hormones that cause inflammation and redness in the skin.

Glow Getter's unique anti-inflammatory combination of cooling yin properties from Tocotrienols and He Shou Wu will cater to your complexion’s all-weather needs. We’ve pulled in both Organic Goji Berry, a powerful superfood for a vitamin C boost and Maca which is a natural mood booster to lift the gloom of grey days.

If you're looking for more personalized advice, book in for a treatment or consultation with our skin expert Molly Allene at Juniper Skincare in Edina, MN. You can schedule here.


Molly Allene is a veteran esthetician and the Founder of Brooklyn + Rye and Juniper Skincare located in Edina, MN or online at She specializes in helping those who suffer with acne find relief as well as natural age-management techniques utilizing practices from both Eastern and Western skincare. Find her on Instagram @brooklynandrye or asking to pet stranger's dogs on the sidewalks + trails of Greater Minneapolis.

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