Winter to Spring Skincare Transition for All Skin Types

Winter to Spring Skincare Transition for All Skin Types

Happy Spring to Everyone!

As the days get longer and the temps get warmer, we need to begin thinking how we can ease our skin into the transition from dry winter to humid spring. Living in Massachusetts gives me the ability to experience all 4 seasons and the switch from cold to warm tends to give my skin the most whiplash.

The dryness and lack of humidity in winter creates a need for heavier creams and oils whereas the temperate climate spring affords tends to bounce between 30 and snow one day and 70 degrees and sun the next. So how do we care for our skin as the weather sorts itself out?

Easing into a hydration-focused routine is the simplest way to keep the skin in balance, without battling the increase of our own sebum during the warmer months. This means easing up on the heavy winter creams and straight oil serums we've been using for the months prior. Use them once daily while keeping your attention on hydration will allow you to use up products you've already got while keeping in line with the warming trends of spring weather.

Increasing your cleansing is also an important step in keeping your skin balanced during the changing of seasons into warmer temps. This will keep congestion and breakouts at bay while still keeping your natural oil balanced to keep your skin healthy and functioning optimally.

Some of our favorites for the Spring transition are:

Knours Sweet Rescue Bubble Burst Serum for hydration and light moisture. It is a sweet surge of hydration featuring a rosewater + triple hyaluronic acid formula with gromwell root oil-infused bubbles that melt into skin for deep moisturization. Lightweight, soothing, and absorbs instantly to help normalize & replenish skin while improving skin barrier function for a glowing, healthy complexion.

CLE Cosmetics Oxygen Gel Cleanser A 2-in-1 self-foaming cleanser combining the benefits of a deep cleanse and flash mask helping to oxygenate pores. Promotes collagen and elastin production. It's fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types.

Ayuna Beauty The Facial Prebiotic Refiner An innovative powder-in-lotion concentrate that visually transforms skin, improving its appearance and texture. It incorporates a trio of exfoliating acids (30%) combined with Plasmas rich in Noni cell factors, to optimize the results of your facial beauty routine by balancing sebum and skin microbiota, minimizing the size of pores, evening skin tone and maintaining a healthier skin.

Because weather transitions can disrupt the tone and texture of your skin, it's best to take small steps in switching up products during this time frame. Keeping centered on great cleansing and hydration will help keep those seasonal skin woes at bay and keep your glow intact.

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