Why You Need Topical Vitamins in Your Daily Routine

Why You Need Topical Vitamins in Your Daily Routine

I think we can all agree that getting a diet rich in healthy vitamins and minerals is important to a life well lived. But what impact does that nutrition have on our skin? The answer is not as straightforward as we would like. Ingesting vitamins - either supplements or whole foods - doesn't provide a direct link to changes in our skin. Think of all the systems those vitamins have to go through before they could reach our skin cells, there isn't much of anything left to distribute. Unless you're deficient in said vitamin, your body's excretory system will just carry it out with the day's trash.

A diet rich in colorful, antioxidant-laden foods is best to keep your whole operating system functioning well but it doesn't give us the targeted treatment we need to solve specific challenges in the skin, outside of Vitamin A in large doses to treat acne. What does help are topical vitamins in our skincare products to target and treat those issues directly. Here are some Vitamins everyone should be including in their skincare routines to meet the needs of our skin.

Vitamin E

Think of Vitamin E as the bodyguard of the skin world. It's excellent antioxidant protection acts like a bouncer to keep free-radicals out of the skin barrier. It's also prevents trans-epidermal water loss - when our beloved hydration evaporates from the pores in the skin. It's a fatty barrier that also acts as a UV protectant when paired with Vitamin C. 

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Vitamin C

Skincare Superhero Alert! Fights hyperpigmentation: Check! Triggers collagen and elastin production: Check! Fights pollution and UV damage: Check Check! This popular ingredient is great for pretty much everyone and does a beautiful job of improving the skin. But not every vitamin C product is created equally. Vitamin C is incredibly unstable and needs to be kept away from sunlight and open air. If your product is changing color, it means the vitamin is oxidizing and has a reduced capacity for results. You also want to make sure the form used is L-ascorbic acid. Many companies use citric acid as a preservative and label it as a skin supplement but it is not as effective as ascorbic acid. Make sure to pair your C with E to provide stability of the formula as well as providing water and oil soluble antioxidants for all portions of your skin.

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Vitamin A

This baddie is FDA approved. What does that mean? It means that vitamin A has the ability to actually change the appearance of the skin. High doses of A helps with acne and aging, ranging in treatments from Accutane to Retinol. Vitamin A and it's other forms (beta-carotene, retinal palmitate, retinoic acid, etc.) work in a couple of different ways. First, it loosens the cellular glue between the layers of the skin to help regenerate new skin. It also binds to receptors in the skin cells, strengthening the epidermal layers and reducing degradation to the collagen matrix. Because vitamin A is a sensitizing ingredient, it's best to use this at night, preventing further damage from UV rays.

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Vitamin B

Hello B Complex! The Gang's all here: Vitamins B1-B12. The B group does a myriad of functions for our skin, hair, and nails. Increases levels of lipids and ceramides to prevent dehydration and dryness, provides fuel for our cells (hello niacinamide!) and changes the texture and tone of our skin. This group of vitamins doesn't cause sensitivity to the skin skin, so can be used morning and night. The only tip is to know that B3 (niacinamide) can produce a flush to the skin which is normal as it increases local circulation.

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Choosing which vitamins are best for your skin is best done with the help of a skincare expert. Schedule some skincare coaching with our esthetician to help you find the perfect routine to help maximize your skin health and appearance.

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