What's In My Bag: Cabin Fever Edition

What's In My Bag: Cabin Fever Edition

It's March and this is the time of year where a lot of us start experiencing cabin fever. You know that restless, aimless state of being where we are just trying to make it through each day without tearing our hair out because we want to be outside so badly but Mother Nature has other plans for us? THAT cabin fever. 

So we decided to put together a list of our favorite things right now getting us through this time of year. Be prepared to fall in love!

1. Dojo by Ayuna Beauty a conscious perfume that employs aromacology, the study of the effect of scent on our mood. What Ayuna has created is the aroma of beautifulness. It was independently researched for it's ability to positively impact its wearers and those who breathe it in. It's a wonderfully complex essential oil blend that is a joy to use. FRUITY TOP NOTES A delicate, fresh scent that evokes youth and joy. FLORAL HEART A captivating romantic bouquet of flowers. WOODY BASE NOTE Aromatic with sweet and intense base notes that stands out for its warmth.

10ml Roll On Available

2. Tease Wellness Aim Chai Did you know: Cocoa beans are said to promote confidence and bravery & originally consumed by Aztecs for this purpose? This boldly balanced blend of black tea and traditional South Indian spices and decadent chocolate notes, supports energy to go after those ambitious goals. Contains caffeine. It's just enough to help you get over the hump of dreary winter-end days. 

Each compostable tube contains 15 pyramid tea bags for your sipping delight!

3. Inklings Paperie Gratitude Journal This Gratitude Journal is a simplified way to cultivate a heart of gratefulness. Journal pages are open-ended, with 26 double-sided journal pages (52 journal entries... one per week for a year!) This helps you see beyond your current situation and to help you focus on what really matters: letting the people you are grateful for, know.

This set also includes six beautifully-illustrated thank-you postcards to spread the love and keep focused on brighter days. Packaged with love in a hand-stamped cotton drawstring bag.

4. North + 29 Yuzu Candle This soy candle is literal sunshine. When in doubt, break the citrus out to help wash away the doldrums of winter. An energizing citrus blend of mandarin, satsuma, lemongrass, Japanese yuzu and jasmine. This is a bright blend to help you focus on your breath work and lighten the mood in every environment. This is our top-selling candle for a reason!

5. Ayuna Beauty Terra Viva Vivifying Vitamin D Nectar for the skin. A life-giving nectar that revolutionizes “clean” cosmetics and plays an important role in Vitamin D and Lumisterol (reserve molecule) synthesis, improving the skin’s radiance, suppleness and vitality. The plant stem cells, Cellular Nectar of Lithops Pseudotruncatella, a curious succulent that is a specialist in managing water and light (commonly known as "Living Stones”) promotes glycocalyx, the layer that surrounds the cells and optimizes the epidermal environment, resulting in high levels* of Vitamin D and Lumisterol (reserve molecule) that ensure a constant supply, even with limited exposure to sunlight due to the use of photoprotectors.

This treatment replaces your serum, eye treatment, neck treatment, and for some, their moisturizer. 

6. Apothekary Glow Getter Glow Getter's unique anti-inflammatory combination of cooling yin properties from Tocotrienols and He Shou Wu will cater to your complexion’s all-weather needs. We’ve pulled in both Organic Goji Berry, a powerful superfood for a vitamin C boost and Maca which is a natural mood booster to lift the gloom of grey days. Tocotrienols (aka Tocos) is an exceptional source of Vitamin D and E. Valued for reducing inflammation, cholesterol, and supports skin and hair luster and health, and lowering blood pressure.

Adding just one of these to your routine is a ticket out of cabin fever and right into bliss! Shop the links to find your bliss and skip over the grey days of winter to the bright days of spring.


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