The Beauty of Less: AYUNA & The Minimalist Beauty Movement

The Beauty of Less: AYUNA & The Minimalist Beauty Movement

With the world's climate being impacted by fast consumerism, how do we justify using on average 12 different beauty products a day? According to Tamarra James-Todd, assistant professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, paring down reduces your exposure to potentially unsafe chemicals but what about the impact to the planet if we all decreased the amount of products we all use on a daily basis?

Our commitment to the environment at Brooklyn + Rye is key to the longevity of not just our business, but is also key to the long-term success of our planet. We have all heard about the 20+ product rituals and the maximal routines that add layer upon layers of treatments and ingredients to create perfect skin. Not only is that a massively aspirational routine to maintain, what does it do to your budget and our planet?

From an environmental standpoint, it also puts us right in the middle of a mass consumer spotlight. The beauty industry contributes excessively to our landfills and plastic waste problems. Plastic packaging from the cosmetics industry accounts for 120 million pieces of plastic for just the year 2020. Of that 120 million bottles, tubes, caps, 70% of it ends up in landfills due to the complex nature of recycling mixed materials at our local recycling centers through our cities.

This is where minimalist and slow beauty comes in. A minimalist beauty routine is the perfect crossroads of a simpler lifestyle and skin caring. With this need for maximizing each product and lessening our impact on the planet, AYUNA skincare's mantra of "Less is Beauty" is the skincare of the future. Created by industry veterans Dr. Isabel Ramos and Begona Sanjuan, they wanted to craft a line that was respectful to the skin but also to the environment.

This moment in time when brands are focusing on their individual contributions to climate change is the opportunity for skin therapists to also start educating on a minimalist lifestyle when it comes to skincare and makeup routines. AYUNA delivers an evolutionary, scientific-botanical approach to cosmetics that favors simple beauty and WELL·AGING, a concept inspired by “less is more.”

AYUNA represents the commitment to pure, effective, clean and safe cosmetics that not only create beautiful skin, but also creates an example of smart capitalism in a world of fast fashion, beauty, and food.

AYUNA is a natural, rejuvenating program that consists of a simple range of products to restore and revitalize the skin. Our green-technology is advanced, sustainable and innovative. Ingredients such as Phyto-Peptides (from Centella Asiatica and turmeric) and Plasmas Rich in Botanical Cell Factors (from pomegranate, Arabian cotton and green carrot) are combined with exquisite textures to provide a unique sensory experience with outstanding results, for all skin types.

Inspired by the millenary practice of fasting, which bases its principles on rest and detoxification, AYUNA is a novel beauty concept that shifts modern skincare from anti-aging to the realm of WELL·AGING – a slow and deliberate approach in favor of aging well. As far as Brooklyn + Rye is concerned, we believe well-aging is the epitome of natural beauty.

We are thrilled to introduce AYUNA to you and to embrace their beautiful message of less is more. And as you begin to follow our journey with the brand partnerships we have, you'll notice the minimalist approach appearing throughout every brand we align with.

This decision isn't business. It's personal. We have 1 planet. 1 chance. And we are committed to being part of the climate solution versus problem.

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