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Product Spotlight: Blume Matcha Coconut Blend Vegan Latte Mix

Say Hello Morning with Blume's Matcha Coconut Blend!

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but matcha especially organic matcha, is everywhere right now. All those Kardashians with creamy bright green drinks in tow are a living testament that the ceremonial tea from the Nishio region of Japan has made an indelible mark on society here in the US. If you're unfamiliar with this unique drink, we'll give you a quick 101 on it.

Introduction to Matcha

Matcha is a green tea beverage made from pulverizing young green tea leaves into a powder form. Matcha literally means "powdered tea". The leaves themselves are grown in a specific process to help produce a more a more robust flavor in the leaves. There is a fascinating interview you can read here with a Nishio-region tea grower, so you can learn more about this beautiful journey from plant to cup. Tea grown specifically for matcha is grown in two regions in Japan: Uji in Kyoto and Nishio in the Aichi prefecture. Blume uses matcha organically grown and sourced from Nishio growers for their blend.

Why is Blume's Matcha Different?

This latte blend has a gentle flavor due to being blended with an organic coconut milk powder. The creamy notes take down the high profile umami taste of the green tea and the resulting gentle matcha flavor helps to make the perfect introduction to matcha beginners. Matcha tends to touch on the flavor receptor that not many Americans tend to each a lot of: bitter.

Matcha brings a flavor that, for many, defies exact description. And perhaps that's more attributed to the fact that each person who tastes it has a different palate than the next, but we can say it spans across the bitter, slightly sweet, and umami characteristics. If you're not super tuned into the science of taste, think green, bright, grassy with a touch of coconut.

Why Drink Matcha?

If you want to perk up and stay steady throughout your day, replace your morning cup of coffee with this green blend. Hot or iced, in smoothies oatmeal and energy balls, you'll gain the benefit of absorption of health benefits that far outweigh our morning joe. Without the eventual jitters. We even boost our matcha with organic moringa and other herbs to elevate our morning drinks.

Matcha Beginners Superfood Smoothie

To take of the edge off of matcha's flavor profile, throw these ingredients into a blender to start your morning. Perk up and stay steady with our stone ground hand picked matcha.

Blend thoroughly and enjoy! If you want to enjoy this as a bowl. use less liquids and more frozen produce.