Meet Our Owner Molly: Skincare Expert

Meet Our Owner Molly: Skincare Expert


My name is Molly and I’m the owner and skincare expert of Brooklyn + Rye. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to everyone who is new here and give you some background on myself. I have been an esthetician for the past 25 years and have worked in all facets of the professional skincare world: sales, education, product development, and spa leadership. I have had the pleasure of working all over the country in some of the country’s best spas, for global leaders in the skin and beauty industry, and running my own stores in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and now in New England.

My passion for the skin began at an early age when I began experiencing my own challenges with acne. Ever since then, I have been dedicated to not only healing my own skin, but helping thousands upon thousands of others heal their own and finally love the skin they’re in. I have been fortunate to work for amazing brands over the course of my career and have been able to learn what makes a good product. From formulations to environmentally friendly packaging and of course, how to produce results our clients deserve.

Helping you Clear through the Noise

When I chose to begin Brooklyn + Rye my purpose was two-fold. I wanted to put my expertise to work to help people match up with products that were high quality, were financially accessible, and adhered to my must-haves: cruelty-free and vegan, produced by a woman-founded brand, environmentally sustainable in their packaging and product sourcing, and exceptional formulas. If a product didn’t meet these criteria, it wouldn’t make it on the shelf.

There is a lot of misinformation in the world of beauty and I’m here to help you curb the confusion. I’m here to be a voice of reason, your custom-curated skincare expert, following science-backed facts to help you create a self-care and beauty routine that not only produces the results you deserve, but also brings joy to your daily rituals.

As we move into a more financially precarious time for many, I think it’s critically important that I put my skincare expertise into full use to help you not only cut through the misinformation that marketing departments put out, but to also help you protect your budget by helping you invest in products that will work.

Some studies in the industry suggest that anywhere from 20-40% of ALL beauty products produced – upwards of 120 billion products are created globally each year- end up as waste. Everything from failed purchases to product expirations to failed formulas create this environmental disaster. How many products have you purchased over the years that you ended up not liking or didn’t work as they claimed to in advertising? The investments you make into your future self matters and I’m here to help you make better choices. Not just for your budget, but for the environment.

In my commitment to helping reduce Brooklyn + Rye’s environmental footprint, we have partnered with TerraCycle to recycle beauty packaging. They fully-recycle most non-recyclable materials and create new products like playgrounds with the resulting materials. We provide this service at no cost to our customers and invite you to participate in the variety of TerraCycle recycling streams we have partnered with them on.

Coming Soon with your Skincare Expert

In Summer 2022, I will begin offering skincare services at Brooklyn + Rye in store. This will help me provide a deeper look into my clients’ skincare needs but it will also give me the opportunity to educate more people on the need for waste reduction, financial budgeting for beauty and self-care, and how to maximize results without maximizing resources like time and money. I am working hard to get my space ready for treatments and look forward to sharing more as I move through the licensure process.

This is a critical time for self-care. It’s also a critical time for being more educated consumers. I look forward to sharing more education and resources with you. It’s my honor to help you find these small pieces of self-care that add up to big feelings of happiness. Having a skincare expert in your corner is vital. To save time, money, and frustration. I am here to be that expert for you. Don’t know where to begin? Let’s book a consultation. I provide them free of charge and they can be done in our shop in Hudson or virtually. Let’s cut through the noise of marketing and misinformation and get you set up with a routine that benefits you in multiple ways.

I look forward to helping you! 



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Great to meet you- like your message – may be interested in new skin routine

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