Is There Such a Thing as Anti-Aging? Our Skin + Wellness Expert Weighs in!

Is There Such a Thing as Anti-Aging? Our Skin + Wellness Expert Weighs in!

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Ah, to look young forever. It’s a dream that has been sought after by women and men for centuries—the idea that we could find something that would keep us from aging at all. But is it really possible to stop the clock? Can we really defy our age and remain eternally youthful? Let’s take a look at what anti-aging really means, and whether it is actually attainable. For transparency sake, I do not use this terminology as I feel like it's misleading. To anti-age means death and that's just not an attractive alternative to aging gracefully.

What Is Anti-Aging?

The term “anti-aging” refers to a variety of products, treatments, and lifestyle choices designed to help people stay looking younger, longer. These products can range from topical creams and serums to dietary supplements and even surgeries such as facelifts or Botox injections. The goal of most anti-aging treatments is to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging on the face and body, as well as maintain skin elasticity. The quest for eternal youth is a social construct propped up by many cultures throughout the world. Those who are seen as young and beautiful are perceived to have more social capital and value. We know on its face value that's wrong but that is how our cultures operate, so we accept this with every bottle of retinol we purchase.

What Science Says About Anti-Aging

Unfortunately, there is no fountain of youth—at least not in the traditional sense. But scientists are making strides in understanding how aging works and how it can be delayed or slowed down through lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, reducing stress levels, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption. While these steps won’t turn back time completely, they can help stave off some of the effects of aging and promote healthy living in general. The key to this whole process is healthy living. It means being happy, investing in your social, mental, and physical health, and fully connecting with the life you've been granted. Joy alone is an amazing glow giver. It's really hard to make a topical treatment for joy! Although there is a lot to be said about herbs that help us boost our moods. One favorite Apothekary Mood Boosting formula we ABSOLUTELY cannot live without is Rose Colored Glasses. Don't sleep on how herbs and plants can help us live more fulfilling lives!

The Role Of Genes In Aging

Recent scientific research has also shown that genes play a role in how quickly people age. Some studies suggest that certain genetic mutations can actually accelerate the aging process while others may slow it down considerably. This means that while some people may be able to remain youthful longer than others due to their genetics, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll never age—just slower than average.

A few recommendations we have to help you help your DNA in the race against time:

1. Add as many plant polyphenols into your day as you can. A great Apothekary supplement to add to your routine is Camu Camu. A mega source of collagen and immune boosting Vitamin C that can drop into a daily smoothie or tea.

2. Sleeeeep. And not just that typical answer of "get 8 hours" business. That's really hard for a lot of us. But it is the QUALITY of the sleep that matters. Check out Mother Mother's Magnesium Spray where 3-5 sprays supply you a feel dose of sleep-inducing magnesium.

3. Joy. It's amazing what a little slice of joy will do for our glow. Happy people radiate and that's the goal here. One thing I like to do is light a candle. It makes my home smell good, boosts my mood, and gives that whole Hygge cozy vibe come to life. A favorite is the North + 29 Lavender Candle. This is not your mother's lavender! It's a must have for all seasons!

So...Is Anti-Aging a Thing?

At this point in time there isn't an exact answer when it comes to anti-aging solutions; however there are preventative measures we can take such as eating healthy plant-rich diets, moving your body as much as you can, getting enough sleep etc., which will help us appear more youthful for longer periods of time. Additionally knowing your genetic makeup could give you insight on how your body ages so you can make any necessary adjustments accordingly. So for now, we say Age Management. Because aging gracefully is a privilege and to do it well means a life well-lived. And that is the ultimate glow up.


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