"Have You Tried This?"

"Have You Tried This?"

I get asked this question a lot at the store. 

"What do you think of this product?" "Is this brand good?" "Does this work?"

And these too :)

Now I don't wear a sign on my chest that says Owner, so I don't fault the thousands of people who have asked me this question at my stores over the years. I could just be a clerk for all they know. I get asked it so much that I wanted to explain my process for bringing on a brand and solidifying my partnership with them.

First and foremost: I try every single product that is on my shelves. Always. If I don't like a product, I'm not going to bring it into my store. Now that could mean that I would potentially miss out on sales. That's okay to me. My store isn't for everyone but if I'm tasked with matching a product with a customer(s) and I personally don't like it, I can't send it home with people.

At the end of the day I'm an educator and salesperson and I do both with honesty and integrity. I'm able to easily sell the products at Brooklyn + Rye because I authentically like everything that's on the shelves.  Does that mean every product is right for me personally? No. I'm a product junkie of the highest degree, but I can't use everything, but I can match everything to the perfect person.

Secondly I vet every brand I partner with. I use my Dateline-honed detective skills to check out the founder, determine their ingredient-sourcing initiatives, and find out their social responsibility missions. If any one of those three boxes are left unchecked, I do not partner with the brand.

Yes, I am in business to make a living for myself to put food on the table for my family, but not at the expense of the environment, animals, fair-trade practices, safe sourcing processes, inclusivity, etc. My values mean a lot to me and I hope, by you being a customer,  that means they align with and mean a lot, to you.

Our vibe attracts our hive and I truly do hope you share in those pillars. We've got one shot here and as a small business owner, I'm doing my best to deliver on my beliefs.

Lastly: Do I love them? Every single product is like a child to me. It sounds so corny to say that but I do truly wish that these very special items make it to good homes. You are holding my vision for a better tomorrow in your hands when you take something home from Brooklyn + Rye. You are voting with your dollars for stronger communities, a better environment, a wellthy tomorrow for yourselves and your loved ones, and a brighter future for the women who run the brands who power my small business.

100% I love every single item in my shop. And with working with me to find your perfect matches, I hope you love them too.

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